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o no where am i!its ark warm and wet

you came to only to find your unable to move except little kicks and jerks(dont be think like i know u will) u might now know where u are as your eyes open you find your self being droped on the floor in a wet sac of amniotic fluid ! u were just reborn as a calf! Uncontrollably u slide to ur mothers utter and start sucking down the milk as u ponder where u were before you were before you were born but all u can remember is the sweet milk of your mother (STILL A GIRL COW BTW) you stop being fed as you try to walk for the ... u don't remember ... but you start to catch up as ur now sprinting. you quite like being a cow but on the faithful day u see an odd shape that you dont recognize it ..seems like a human like ur farmer but in and odd twistedway like curves if u would (ITS THE GENIE) she comes up to you and asks you if you like being a cow ? u moo in confusion she smiles at u and says you are so cute but u still cant unstand so u moo in a confusion still not understanding this wierd and oriented language u heard the farmer say alot .still u moo in confusion again.but then you go and feed on ur milk and she says awww so cute.

Written by o reezy

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