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A surprise

You laugh in his face, saying,"You can't eat me, you already got saliva in my cut. I will soon be as strong as you!"

The werewolf snarls right back,"You won't become a werewolf, I am a type B werewolf! My saliva causes people to shrink, not change!" A look of worry crosses you face, as well as some stray drool flicked off of his chin.

He does seem to be growing larger, and soon you are no bigger than a rabbit, easily small enough to fit whole in his jaws.He lifts you to his gaping, dripping, smelly maw.

You find yourself in a dark, wet and very slippery hole, wedged between knife-shaped teeth. The wolf decides to swallow, and sends you sliding up to your knees down a long thin throat. The rest of your body is soon laid back on a large flat tongue, secreting slobber to glue you to the mouth. You feel your back and neck being tasted and licked generously.

You are soon drawn back and with gravity helping, you slide until only your head is left. The rest of your body is dragged down slimy, slippery walls, and the slobber reaches a frantic pace. You begin to drown in the thick gooey liquid. With the last of your strength, you pull out you camera and jab the silver flash into his uvula.

He lets out a terrible shriek, and you feel yourself growing inside of him. You break free of the damp prison, growing ever larger until you reach a full 2 feet higher than before. Watching yourself closely, you see yourself growing jet black fur and razor teeth and claws. It does not hurt nearly as much as it should, though.

Turning around, you see yourself mirrored in the werewolf. Gasping, he laughs at you and says,"Tricked again! You only find yourself possesd by my spirit now! ha ha ha haaaa..." He dies peacefully, and a bloodthirsty rage comes upon you.

Looking around you spot the kitsune searching for you, and seeing your new body " Oh good, you beat him, though not without a price.... oh well," she shouts. Your jowls fill up again as you stare at her, and you vaguely realize how hard it is to keep from drooling. She now looks a bit frightened, and says, " What's going on? What's the matte- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Written by gryphon

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