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Just as you were about to make your decision, The web breaks! You realise the spiders had been chewing on the web. You fall into a large hole in the floor. To your suprise, you land in a lovely green forest, surrounded by trees and plants. As you start to walk, to pass the time, you started to squash a lot of bugs. You loved the crunchy, slimy noise they made on the ground. You managed to swat a lot of flies and wasps until you came to an old-looking house. The door opened with a creak as you walked in. Inside, was a flight of stairs that led down to a dark cellar with a stone table in the middle. You decide to sleep there for the night. You eventually fall to sleep. You awake in the middle of the night to an iching on your face. You open your eyes to see millions of bugs staring at you with an evil grin."Huh" "What do you want?" You ask "We want you to stop squashing our family" they reply. "No way!" You shout. so the bugs started to try and torture you. The wasps and bees tried to sting you but you felt nothing. The ants bit you but you could handle it. Then, suddenly, they stopped. "Given up?" You asked, grinning." Nope" said the ant who was obviously their leader. You noticed that all of the millions of bugs were grinning. You started to worry. "Because we know your weakness" continued the ant. You realise that you are tied down Instantly, the bugs started to crawl onto your feet and legs. They crawled onto your belly and up your arms, onto your armpits. The ant asked " So, do you changed your mind?"" Never!" You shout. The bugs start to tickle you. They crawled into your socks and the flies tickled your feet with their beating wings. The ants also wriggled into your socks and tickled you with their hairy legs. The spiders ran up your sleve and on your armpits and the others ran across your belly. You laughed and laughed until you could hardly breath. But then, You are suddenly wisked away...

Written by Alice

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