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A new friend

You look at your new body. you walk aruond to see if you can tell were you are. You feel your tail hitting the ground with ever step. Then you smell something. It was sweet. You look around to see the smell come from around a tree near you. You look at the other side to see a FEMALE RENAMON. She was sleeping. You look at her as your heart race. She wake up to find your face. She jump up a yell " what is wrong with you!!! Can a girl gett some sleep with out a geek like you look at her like that!!!" You stand back to see you whole body She had green eyes Blue gloves and black yin-yang on her legs. She slap you on the right side of your face. She said" Well you look like a new one of you can't block that saw I'll help you so you can walk on you two paws. You yelled " Hey I just get here!!! I was Human a hour ago!!!". The Female renamon smiled and said " So you are a human I can see that so I'll show you where all the renamon live. as she pull you over a hill. You saw a village With a sea of yellow fur.

You feel like

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