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Cody Maverick Takes Swift

Cody Maverick was appouled on the island. "Where's my pottery?" asked Chicken Joe. "I don't have any Billy Idol." said Reggie Belafonte , proclaimed. "OK , You are pounded to lower plains." said Tank Evans. "I'll pound you , pecker!" said Cody Maverick. Several falls are being by Cody Maverick. Reggie can externimate the scream if it was painful. Cody Maverick had to try again , he was paddling and forced at speed. He was riding the wave! "Oh Fudge!" said Mikey Ambrowitz. "Whoo Hoo Hoo!" hooted Cody Maverick. Oh-No! Cody Maverick wiped out! "I'm coming!" said Lani. She dove into the water and saved Cody. "Is he dead?" asked Reggie. Cody coughed up water. "Owwww!" said Cody. Cody was taken to the place so to stand at the table. "Hold Still." said Geek. He pulled the spike out of Cody Maverick's foot. "Auuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhh!" screamed Cody Maverick.

Written by Kody Speikers

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