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An Unfortunate Encounter

"Me steal your stories,Jen? Don't be such a hypocrite!It's you who steal my stories, you liar!" The soul man turned to me. "Why are you here?" he asked in his sepulchral voice. "I'm a reporter. My editor sent me here to cover a story that Castle Bathory had been re-opened to the public. You call yourself the "soul man". What does that mean exactly?" "It means I can control others...like this". He reached out to Jennifer and said,"Since you are a hypocrite, you will entertain me by changing into a male clown and mime artist". She vainly tried to resist,but to no avail.Then the door opened and the soul man said, "Your majesty, allow me to introduce you to...what is your name by the way?" I replied,"Christopher Crichton. I'm a reporter. And you are...?" She gave a chilling smile that unnerved me. "I am the Countess Elisabeth Bathory.Ah,I see you have heard of me", she said..

Written by Mr. Lamorak de Galis Korving

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