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Are you leaving without saying goodbye?

Troggie take you in his hand to make you go faster to the corridor when he is catched in the sea dragon paw. ''Well, well, were you going to leave without saying me goodbye? - Hum! So you recovered? - Hey where is your other friend? - He... He leaved before me. I was going to follow him when you catched me. - Tell him to come now or i eat you again. - You will eat me even if I tell him to come.'' The dragon think for himself ''He's smarter than i tought. I could eat him anyway one is better than nothing.'' ''So you tell him to come or i gobble you right now?'' Troggie let you on the dragon finger and you start to climb his arm. ''You don't answer? O.K. down the hatch you go again.'' You reach his shoulder when you see him put Troggie in his mouth and a bumb in his throat when he swallow him. You don't know what to do to save him. What should you do?

Written by Davmil3111

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