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Cindy the Stuck Dragon

"Who's that?" comed a deep, muffled female voice.

You get to your feet, dodging the sweeping tail of the stuck dragon. "I'm Indy, a vistor to the castle. Do you need some help getting out of there?"

"Oh, yes!" She replies "Please do! I'm Cindy. I've been overeating a bit."

The dragon's last comment gives you cause for concern. You're glad you're at the end that doesn't eat. "Er..what exactly do you eat?"

"Not humans Indy, If you're worried." says Cindy reassuringly "I tried a thief a few centuries ago and he tasted disgusting! No, I prefer things like pigs and cows."

Relieved, you move up to Cindy's rear end "Do you want me to push you forward or pull you back?"

"Either, just get me out of this door!"

Written by AR

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