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The forest

As you fly through the vortex your mind goes blank and your eyes wont let you open them. You see a flash of light through your eyes and you feel a gust of freezing cold air. You open your eyes and you are laying in an area with trees all around you. You notice that even though their is snow on the ground, there are also white crysanthamums all over the place. You try to stand and balance your weight but it feels as if you lost all your muscle. You hear laughter to your right and swing around but see nothing. Then, as if from nowhere, a spear flies from above. It flies straight towards you but you cant move. It stab straight through your leg and you scream out in pain. Then a figure in a white cloak jumps in front of you and a blue light emenates in his palm. You, afraid for your life, try too push him over...

Written by Richard (AFI RULEZ!!!)

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