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Friend or Foe?

The trainer yells at you for no apparent reason...Lugia wakes up!

"WHO DARES DISTURBS MY SLUMBER!" he shouts in that crazy way when someone have slept in one-hundred years (of course the trainer can't understand you). Lugia gets mad and slaps him in the face so hard, that he flung across the room.

The trainer gets mad, and he calls forth Meganium.

Meganium apparently doesn't like his master a lot.

Meganium charges up for a Solarbeam.

Lugia uses Fly and flew up to the air.

When Lugia swooped down, Meganium used Solarbeam. Lugia took the damage.

You use Ice Beam on Meganium, which you missed.

Meganium uses Strength on you and you dodge it and you keep on missing your Ice Beam attack.

Why you ask? Because you think if you can be nice to Meganium, she will turn back on her master.

So as soon as you run out power for Ice Beam, you start to purposely miss Aeroblast.

Meganium hits you hard with Body Slam.

She is about to finish you off with Solarbeam...the end is near...or is it?

Meganium was battling for his master because of she was patient enough to go through her master.

But then...her master starts to curse at her because she's just standing their...

Her patience is gone, she uses Solarbeam on her master.

Her master attempts to return her to her Pokeball, but he's too weak to even pick it up...

He collapsed...

Meganium says, "I had enough of my master I'll just stay here for the rest of my life."

The trainer gets up and Meganium Body Slam on her master to paralyze him. You hear a beeping noise and the trainer's body dissappears in a puff of red smoke...

Written by Some 13 year old kid you don't know

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