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And Then...

He sends out Tyranitar to battle.

You don't know what to do, so you wake up Lugia and say, "The trainer that attack me earlier is here." Then he says, "Mmph? I'm too sleeply to think about it right now..." "THEN WAKE UP," you yell. "OK, OK I'll wake up," he says darkly.

So he gets ready to battle. And then, you mysteriously hear in your head the battle starters that they use fighting video games that say, "Ready?.....GO!"

You start with Hydro Pump and Lugia combined it with his Hydro Pump.

When it sped up to Tyranitar, he used Gravelrock to slow down the attack and while water splashed over him (which was non-damaging,) the Gravelrock attack hit you directly.

Before you could recover, Tyranitar used Crunch and caused you almost faint, but then...Lugia used Zap Cannon on Tyranitar, who was still a little bit wet, and caused minor damage.

Tyranitar finally noticed Lugia (he thought he was still asleep) and used Rock Slide on him.

He was knocked down to the floor and you used Recover.

When Tyranitar was about to finish him off, and when you were about to use your strongest Whirlwind ever, Seadra entered with a badge which seemed like a dragon scale and saw what was happening.

"I heard the noise and came as fast as I can, and WHAT IS HAPPENING?" she yelled. You explain what happened while you avoid Tyranitar's every attack.

"Okay, I'll help you," she says.

So she starts with a Hyper Beam and it hitted Tyranitar directly.

You use Hydro Pump to finish him off...

Tyranitar fainted...

You turn level 71...

Sedra evolves to Kingdra!

Who does he sends out next?

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