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Sweet Revenge

After all the years of ulcer-inducing frustration that Jennifer has caused you, you want her demise to be slow, painful, and terrifying.

"This is for stealing my Bermuda Triangle story!" you snarl, slashing your claws across her cheek.

"AAAaah!" Jennifer screams.

"And this is for swiping my Loch Ness Monster exclusive!" you growl, dragging a paw down her arm.

"EEeeyaah!" Jennifer shrieks.

"And this is for..." you begin, but you never complete the thought. You notice something bizarre about Jennifer: her wounds are healing before your eyes! Now there are whiskers growing on her face and tufts of fur sprouting all over her body. The pupils of her eyes stretch from circles into slits, her nose and chin push out into a feline muzzle, and her fingernails sharpen into claws.

With a surge of unexpected strength, Jennifer hurls you across the room and then hisses at you.

You don't know how, but Jennifer has changed into a werecat like yourself!</P

Written by Funny Animal

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