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A Teenage Cyborg, tickled in the future.

A half human robot came out of the portal, and busted through the door. His barefeet is yellow, his toes is black. And he came all this way to find his missing metal boots. They were stolened by a immature bad boy who had done all this just for the young cyborg to track him down. When he found the boy, he took the boy to the future. The cyborg teen demand the human to give him back his shoes. The kid refuses, and slipped out. The boy slaide towards his legs, and grabbed his ankle! The bad kid started to tickle the cyborg's foot. The teen bot laughed embarrassly as the boy goes hyper when he moves his fingers faster to see his black toes twitch. That boy did all this trouble just to get that cyborg's feet? The teenage cyborg didn't sqrium around, he let the boy tickle him. He was so ticklish that he moved his feet around. Not his whole body, just his feet! Just as the boy planed it, and the weirdest thing is that the cyborg loves it! The teenage cyborg wanted more feet tickling, and he got it alright.

Written by Thomas Booker

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