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A ticklish torture!

"Gold, eh?" says the spider. "Where did the Leprechaun say it was?"

"I don't know... hey, why do you want to know anyway?"

"We've been looking for that gold for centuries! Finally we have someone with an idea where it is!" She starts to make strange rasping noises and soon the cavern is crawling with little spiders. "This creature knows where the gold is! Extract the information from him!"

You start wishing that the spiders would extract the fat from you instead, but suddenly you start giggling... and chuckling... and soon you're in hysterical fits of laughter! Although you can't see your big feet, you can feel dozens of little spiders crawling all over them - and you're REALLY TICKLISH!!! HA HA!!

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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