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The End and dragon heaven

Satan begins to grow larger, taunter, musculed, and a tail was lengthening from his spine. His ridiculously small wings flapped once and popped out 40 feet longer. He was 4 times everything of you. Too bad he doesnt know you can become 5 times better than him. He challenges you staring down and saying, "Fight me or are you too chicken? Bwuk bwuk bwuk bwuk!" You growl harshly and in blinding light you become 5 times better than him. Now you look down and say, "Boo!!!!!!" Satan screams and starts digging. You dont know why but he keeps digging. 60 yards down he keeps digging. You walk away but hear the sound of meteors. Now you know why he was digging. He was digging to save himself. You lengthen your outstretched arm at him and grab him in your claws. He screamed in agony. You pinched him and he flew around the place like a balloon. With the meteors all over the place, you shrink down to Satans size, and find that it was the leprecaun all along! You roar! This leprecaun became Satans clonish form and Satan had possesed him to do his will. Satan never had a body of his own, so he granted the wish of the leprecaun. The leprecaun blinks and breathes heavily, saying, "Ow my head!" You shrink further and walk towards him. "Leprecaun?", you ask. "Ahh, Melen its you! I'm so sorry Satan possesed me and tricked me into giving him a body," he sobs. "Don't worry little guy we can die together." A GIANT meteor was heading straight for them. "You always said we'd see each other again," said the leprecaun. "And we have!", you say. The meteor beings to burn gaining speed as it came through the atmosphere. (Harry Potter music for when theres that moment everything begins to go wrong should play here). Booooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (LOTR: elvish music should play here[when frodo is healed]). You wake up... feeling no pain, no wants, no needs, you didn't need anything. A white outlining came to you. You kneel on both front knees. You are going to be judged.

After the judging you walk out of the building to see an amazing sight! Heaven! Words cannot describe what you see before you. You are surprised that you now have the pureset of pure, white scales. You look under you and see a small boy pass you without fear. This has to be Heaven! And you were judged to stay. For eternity you have the time of your life...

The End!

Written by El tigre

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