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from bit#* to whitch

You deside to buy every spellbook you can think of, and read them all. Then you travel to the castle again, and find the lepricaun reclining in a crack in the wall. You walk in, popping your hips from side to side.

"Well, lassie. Looks like we're finaly learning something." The lepricaun smirks.

"OH, yeah. Just wait untill I show you."

Just then you chant a transformation spell on the lepricaun to turn him into a donkey. It Works!!

"HEE-HAW! what've you done to me lass?"

"Is'nt it obvious? I made your body match your actions, you jacka$$!"

Then, because you hear police sirens in the distance, you change yourself into a Kitsune and run into the woods to hide.

Written by Steven Isakson

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