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Tails and Trails

You don't want to leave your new dragon friend, as he's the only protection you currently have against the werewolf, but then you realize that he probably won't try anything straight away.

After saying goodbye, you head off down the corridor and turn left, all the while looking out for the werewolf or other nasties. You find yourself running down another narrow passage, then up some stairs, along a corridor and down the other side.

After a few more turnings, you find yourself back in the entrance hall, and quickly follow your previous route. There, still stuck in the doorway, is the rear end of the dragon.

"I've made it, Roger!" you call, patting his scaily butt.

"You'd better get me unstuck quickly!" replies Roger "The werewolf knows you've gone now! He's following your trail, and my rear can't protect you as good as my front!"

Written by Stucklepaw

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