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Ireland, HO!

... and you watch as the docks pull into view. You enjoyed your little vacation, and now feel very much rested. Fortunatly for you, it seems that a magically fattened werewolf doesn't put on weight, as your waistline has maintained its... fulley rippened appearance. You saw the tiger a few more times during the tip, each time leaving him dumbfounded and rubbing his arm as he challanged you to rematch after rematch, to no success.

Finally, the boat pulls in, though it had difficulty until you agreed to move to the center of the ship si it could pull in at a balanced position. The crew looks thankful to get you off their hands.

The time comes for you to disembark. As you step onto the gangplank, the you feel a loud creak, seconds before splintering wood. The gandplank snaps in two, sending you punging into the blue. So much for not getting your feet wet on this trip.

After you pull yourself out, you find a bench to sit down on as you wait to dry out. Pulling out a soggy mad, you rest it on your stomach, looking at it as you let it dry out as well. The castle looks to be a good distance from here, too far for you to walk, you'll have to find some transport if you want to get there on time. Looking around, you see a place that looks promising, 'Spotted Ponies'. Thanking your luck, to waddle through the front door...

And jump as you see..

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