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Oh well, it's not so bad!!!!

You turn around and look."Why don't you chase me?" you ask. "You'll come back, I know you will," he replies," werewolves always return to the closest werewolf they can smell." You are confused."But I'm not a werewolf. You have to hit blood with your saliva to change someone." "That's true, but swallowing it works just as well. Why else do you think I let you go?" This is a valid point, but you will argue it to your last breath. You raise a hand to shake at him, but you glance down to see 4 jet-black paws attached to your arms and legs. The fur spreads it's way up your limbs, to completely cover your entire body, as your jawline reconfigures and you strech your head back at the other werewolf, your jaws slavering with the infected slobber of your kind. You howl at the moon, only to stare up at a stone ceiling. A familiar scent reaches your snout, as the werewolf runs towards you. At first, you think it's a visual trick, but you soon realize that he is much larger than you anticipated. "Why am I so small?" you whine. "It's quite simple, at your first transformation, you a a werepuppy. You have to live out the life of a normal puppy, until you reach full size. You will remain a wolf forever now, until you have eaten or infect someone else. Perhaps, if you are adopted as a normal puppy into a household, you can wait till maturity, then infect your owner" You mused on this, and knowing of a werewolf's extraordinary life span, you agree. But feeling a craving for meat, you decide indefinetely to kill your owner. The saliva runs from your lips until you are coated in the slimy water. It slicks back your night-sky coat. You hardly need the competition. But one small thought plagues you. Is he LYING?

Written by Gryphon

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