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Tickling Drago and his brother Illragon

The 2 dragon demons were visiting my world. Dragon demon in the black: Drago. The other one in the white: Illragon. Drago found me up stairs. Drago: What are U doing up here all alone? Me: Nothin'. When I look at his feet, I gently grabbed it, and moved my fingers up and down. Drago giggling: Oh that tickles, so U want to tickle my feet huh. Me: Well what makes you think you're going to get away with it like that, I'm just doing this to make sure you're feeling it. Drago: Oh I'm feeling it alright. Me: Are you sure? Drago: Yeah, I'm sure! When I got done with Drago, he went to tell his brother Illragon how I got to his foot. Illragon laughing: We'll see about that! Illragon went to check up on me. Illragon: Hey kid, try me if you're bad. Me: Okey!! I went on tickling his feet. 2B continued

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