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A chance

You sigh and look out of your cell, towards the entrance of the cell block. You are surprised to see a strange blur moving toward you. Almost instinctively, you hiss and whip your long tail in front of you. The blur stops, then is replaced, like a chameleon revealing itself, by yet another half-human. This one appears to be half-dragon- He - for the creature is clearly male - stands 8 feet tall, has a dragonlike head, complete with sharp horns, and an elongated neck. His hands are somewhere between human and lizard, with four fingers, each bearing a large, sharp claw. His feet are similar, dragonlike with four large claws. A closer look reveals a fifth, much smaller claw on his ankles. His tail is long and sturdy, and his wings, neatly folded on his back, resemble a pterodactyl's. You notice that each of his wings, when folded, are each the length of his torso. His skin seems to be more of a smooth hide than scaly, and is a nice shade of golden brown.

You hiss at the dragon-man, and he responds with a snarl. A vicious snarl that clearly says "I have the advantage, don't mess with me". A snarl that gets the attention of all the others. Celia and Delilah both dive underwater in fear, while Brynnah/Rachel seems to have trouble controlling their/her movements, possibly due to there being two of them. Fingal backs into a corner, and you ease up on the aggressiveness. "Who are you?" you demand, still wary.

The dragon-man grins a toothy grin, desplaying his dragon fangs. "Just call me the inside man," he quips, then lashes out, smashing his tail against your cell wall. To your surprise, the glass actually cracks. He then rams into the cracked wall, shattering the glass and freeing you. He then proceeds to repeat his performance twice more, freeing Fingal and Brynnah/Rachel. He heasitates in front of the two remaining cells. It is clear that he is unsure of how to free the two waterbound victims.

You slither over to the two cells and ask both females if they are still capable of breathing air (thus surviving out of water). Both make the attempt, and Delilah succeeds while Celia fails. The dragon-man seems to be considering something, and suddenly rushes over to the remaining intact cell walls. He uses fire breath to melt through the glass, forming 6 equal-sized panes of glass. He then enlists your and Fingal's help to assemble 5 of the panes into a cubic tank with an open top, just barely big enough to hold Celia and Brynnah, and the dragon-man uses his flame to melt the edges together. He then melts a large hole in both victim's cells (above water level), and flies in. He fills up the tank almost to the top with water, and helps bothe Celia and Delilah get in. He then places the 6th pane on top, melts its edges in place, and melts some air holes into it.

Meanwhile, Brynnah/Rachel seems to have learned basically how to move relatively smoothly, so there is no problem when the dragon man unleases a massive blast of flame, destroying part of the wall and clearing the way for you to escape (himself carrying Celia and Delilah's tank in his clawed hands and feet as he flies at a low altitude).

The dragon-man leads you into a cave outside, well-hidden by overgrowth. There, he empties Celia and Delilah's tank into what you assume must be a large underground spring. Then the explaination begins.

"My name is Aden. Countess Bathory enlisted me as her head Enforcer, yet never told me what she was doing. At the time I didn't care, I was getting good pay and a cushy life. But when she used that staff to grant upon me the power of a dragon, I became suspicious of her actions. When I made my inquiry, her reaction indicated to me that whatever it was was not something I would condone. So I used my dragonic camouflage to spy on her transforming you. Naturally, I was outraged, so I freed you all, in secret of course. With any luck, she still doesn't know I betrayed her."

Written by Ultimatum

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