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Feeling Short Changed

"Having seen your magnificent form, I long to share it's magnificence" you say "Make me a dragon too."

"Very well," says Vakoligan "your wish is granted". He points a claw at you and a bolt of energy shoots out at you, envolouping you.

You feel your skin turn to hard green scales. Your hands turn to claws and your oversized clawed feet burst open your shoes. Your shirt and pants are also ripped as wings and a tail burst from them, and finally your head reshapes into that of a horned reptile.

"I thought I'd be bigger!" you protest, kicking the remains of your wrecked shoes off.

"Oh come now!" says Vakoligan with a sly smile as he strokes your chin with a talon "Don't want you being any kind of threat, do we?"

Written by AR Jackson

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