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Finding Eric a woman

Eric is out right now having the time of his life and his soon to be ex g/f has no clue she thinks he is at home while she is with a friend out to eat but the truth of the matter is that he is about tired of messing around with her shit and is fed up with the lying and the ex-boyfriends so if there are any ladies out there that are single and looking for a great guy email him at crazycajun@smithville.liveair.net.

Well to tell you about him he is about 6 feet tall athletic and plays baseball on the side. He loves the outdoors and and likes to go camping out in the woods. He has a job as a restraunt manager and is soon to open a new restaunt.

Well there is not much else to say but e-mail him to here more and he will send you a picture back if you send him one and try and arrange a meeting or should we say a date?

Written by Concerned Friend

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