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Food and beverages.

Your talons easily remove the individually-wrapped racks and ribs, which you easily devour, crunching bones along with meat. In time you devour whole turkeys, lamb, beef, and even a bit of shrimp and crab meat. After you finish, you find yourself almost perfectly comfortable. Your stomach is very much well-upholstered, but you find you are not hungry... instead, you crave something. You suddenly realize you are extremely thirsty. In all the worrying about food, you forgot the equally important liquids. You rise from your comfortable postition and walk lazily to what must be drinks and beverages. You discover a problem as you approach; most of the bottles and cans are hardly a swallow due to your new size. After sampling a few, you find it is not enough to quench your thirst. You roam around the aisle a bit then and, to your delight, find something that just might do the trick. At the end of the aisle is a row of tanks . To you they are the size of coke bottles. You look at the label, but the words on the bottle are very small for such a large tank and in the unlit store the words are even more difficult to make out. You slice the top off one of the tanks with your talon. There is a brown liquid inside that smells just like chocolate. Squinting at the labels, you think you can make out the words "chocolate" and "milk" in the ingredients. You take a sip. it is thick, creamy and definitely tastes like chocolate milk. "Good enough for me", you think, as you chug down the tank.

After a while, the store is littered with the empty tanks of chocolate milk in addition to the wrappers from the meat you devoured earlier. You, on the other hand, are fast asleep. Unfortunately for you, you didn't realize the effect milk would have on dragons; apparently, it makes them especially sleepy. That and the large meal you've had has overwhelmed you. As you dream, the night wears on...

Written by Jack (edited by wanderer)

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