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Get Knotted!

The other wererat puts his arm around your shoulder. "It'll be good having another wererat around the castle." he says cheerfully "It gets so lonely being the only were of your kind and size...but now I've got company, we'll be inseprable!"

"Look, I appreciate your welcoming hospitality," you say, removing his arm from your body "But if I'm going to have a relationship with any other were, it's Jessie.".

You start to walk towards your kitsune girlfriend, but are stoppen when your tail goes tight. Looking behind you you see that somehow your tail and the other wererat's tail have somehow been tied into a knot!

He is as suprised as you are. "Umm...as I said, we're inseprable, heh heh..." he chuckles nerviously

Written by AndrewAnorak

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