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Aisle 12, Frozen meats and hungry dragons.

As the sun sets, things in the city seem to quiet down a bit. You watch from the last remaining tower, which seems to have been built much more sturdily than the others. Now is your chance. You look down, then to your wings. You had figured you would need to fly just in case you need to make a quick getaway. You take a deep breath and jump.

You beat your wings frantically and close your eyes, hoping against hope that you don't crash into the ground with a sickening crash... when suddenly your wings stiffen on their own. You open your eyes and find you are soaring, and are a couple thousand feet up. It then occurs to you that dragons may be like some of the larger birds who soar on thermals and only flap to gain altitude. You are on a glide path into the city, and the combination of lights and dragon vision allows you to quickly pick out a closed supermarket. Checking the streets, you land behind the building at the back entrance. A simple lock holds the doors closed. You twist it in your talons and it disintegrates. The door swings open by itself; whoever closed it apparently didn't close it properly. All the better for you, as this means no alarm will be set off. You squeeze through the double doors, and find yourself in a cold room for produce preparation and crisping. You keep your head low and walk into the main part of the store. You are in the produce section of the store. You are about to eat a cabbage when your empty stomach lurches. Cabbages are definitely not in a dragon's diet. Your nose leads you to a more appealing choice. The meat aisle...

Written by Jack (edited by wanderer)

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