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Hello, Hello, Hello...

Those are the words that you here once you enter. You realize that the walls are covered in stuff from the book, A Series of Unfortunate Events. Has this world gone totally mad!?! Wait a minute, this IS a different world. Oh, yeah! Suddenly, The Hook-handed Man enters the room, grabbs you by the collar of your shirt. He ignores your screams and protests. He brings you to the tower and drops you on the floor-at the feet of Count Olaf. Hooky locks the door and leans against the wall. "Ah, Klaus, welcome to my humble abode. Tea?" asks Olaf. "Listen, Dude, are you blind or something? Because I am not Klaus, my name is-" Wait! You can't tell him your real name. OK, better make one up, "Sometime today, boy!" yells Olaf. "Victor, yeah, let's go with that!" Olaf stares at you in a strange way. "Fine, Victor, now that i've finally and successfully trapped someone in my world, I must test my latest invention on YOU!" "Who are we talking about?" you ask, hoping to stall him. Due to the look on Olaf's face, it doesn't work. "OK, what kind of invention?" you ask. "Why, nothing other than my-oh what the heck, all of them!" Olaf pulls aside a curtain to reaveal a long hallway filled with buttons, levers, shelves lined with potions, portals, lazers and lots of other stuff that looks weird. As you gaze upon them in awe, Olaf says, "So, where will we begin?" "Listen, I ain't trying any potins, lazers, or buttons and I honestly don't care! Just send me home and let's both both forget this ever happened!" Olaf pretends to think about this. "Hmm, let me see, Ah! I know! Let me respond to that statement in the following way..." ***2 minutes later***

You are now strapped on the out side of the tower hanging from a cord. This Olaf guy that you're dealing with proves a very convincing point..."OK, you got me. I'll try out your dumb inventions. Just pull me up! Hooky does. Count Olaf claps his hands once and says, "Well then, to buisness! What will you try first?" Umm... Really there's no need for much of a narration here, so... yeah, what he said! (Pick something, fool!)

Written by Cole Oeste AKA Shadow

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