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Studio M.

Now you are at Studio M. You see a lady. Carefully, you approach her. "Hello! I am Miss Mommy!" The lady says, "We have lots of magic things, if you are interested." You tell her that is why you came in the first place. You see a big shelf of potions. You buy one of every kind. You now have a wolf potion, a frog potion, a rat potion, an elephant potion, and an animal combo potion. You walk out of Studio M., and decide to take a drink of a potion you didn't even know you had. You thought it was just a regular drink that Miss Mommy put in there. You feel your body getting smaller. You feel your teeth getting bigger. You feel fur all over you. You've become a bunny rabbit. You hate bunny rabbits, so you quickly grab another potion. It happens to be the wolf potion. Now you're a wolf. You are still unhappy, so you grab a frog potion. Mmmm!

Written by Miss Mommy

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