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You run as fast as you can, then you trip. Sudenly, a puney little blue liard walks over to you. "Can you help me?" "With what?" he asks. "Um..." The lizard grabs your head, then takes out a ray gun. "Crap... you say. DON'T SHOOT!" The lizard fires the ray gun, and you turn into a blue lizard. Not a fat lizard, but a thin and muscular one. "Names Scaler." Said the Lizard. "Um... My name is..." You almost said Indy, but then you decided to say: "my name is Vaan." "Well Vaan, we better get you back to Dalmasca." "Dalmasca?" you say, as Scaler walks off. "yep. in this world, Vaan,we're lizards, puny little lizards. But in Dalmasca, we're regualar sized humans." "Sweet!" "Hold on!" Yells Scaler. Suddenly you see a flash of blue light and...

Written by Auron

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