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Enter the dragon

After several failed attempts to regain human form, you think back to how you changed. Holding your head up, you howl three times. "HOWWWWLLLLL!!!! HOWWWWWLLLLLL!!!!HOWWWWLLLLL!!!"

After a few seconds you see a flying shape appear from behind the mountain. It's Ol' Firestarter! The ancient dragon flies down and lands with a thump in the village square, causing the townsfolk to run for safety!

"I'm getting too old for landings like this!" he groans, rubbing his back. "In trouble already, Pup?" he says, looking down on you with a smile. "What is it with you youngsters these days?" He rears up to his full height and scans the cowering villagers. "These shortlives giving you trouble? Shall I roast them?"

Written by AndrewAnorak

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