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"There's something not quite right about this!" you say to the kitsune "I'd expect werewolves and vampires in an old Eastern European castle, but not animated dairy produce!"

Walking up to the huge block of emmenthal cheese, you notice it has huge dirty pink feet, a bit like human feet, but knobbly with claws. They stink as much as the cheese does!. Dragging behind the feet is a long pink ropelike tail.

"You're clearly not a giant walking cheese!" you say, looking the cheese straight in the eye "Who are you in there?"

"Folks round 'ere call me Fatrat!" comes a voice from inside the cheese. "I found this giant cheese in a market and nicked it. When I got it back 'ere, I climbed inside and started gourging meself. Got too fat to get out again, I did! Been stuck in 'ere since! 'oping to eat me way out eventually."

Written by Stucklepaw

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