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The Battle

The soilders take out their guns and start blasting the wolves. Even though they are just streaks to your eyes, you can see a glint of silver. One of the wolves staggers towards you, and in its dying moments lunges at you and sinks his teeth into your leg!

A few soilders are also bitten. Some of them die, and the ones that aren't are shot by their fellow men!

When the werewolves are all dead , the man in black races over and puts silver handcuffs on Zyteslav. "Miss Zyteslav, by order of the Pentagram you are under arrest!". There is no sign of the kitsune. She must have slipped away in the confusion.

One of the soilders goes over to you. "You'd better come with us too. You're wounded, a witness..and a werewolf!"

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