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Feeling Lucky?

"Leprechaun, I wish to be the luckiest guy in the world!" you say.

"Done!" replies the leprechaun. There is a flash of green smoke and you find that you have turned into a 6-foot tall white rabbit!"

"LEPRECHAUN!!" you protest, looking down at yourself "I did not wish to be a giant rabbit!!"

"Yer wanted to be lucky, right?" replies the leprechaun, sitting on one of your big white furry feet "Well bunny feet this size will attract all the luck you need! Well me work here is done!"

"Wait!" you cry "You can't leave me like this!"

"Oh don't worry, laddie. If you're really lucky ye'll find another way to turn back! Goodbye, and thank ye again fer bringing me back to the lands of the living!" he says before vanishing in another puff of green smoke.

Written by AR Jackson

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