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Between your toes

You feel a tingling under your big foot and looking down, see the leprachaun (in a smaller size) pop up between your second and third toes.

"What happened?" you ask

"Ye trod on me, yer daft eejit!" he replies,trying in vain to extract himself "Now I'm stuck! Toe-jammed, if you will"

"Well anyway, I wish to become"

"I can't transform ye In my proper position!" says the leprechaun "If I'm stuck, ye're stuck!"

You frantically kick your foot a few times and when that doesn't work, you sit down and tug at the leprechaun's body.

"OWWWW!" he yelps "OWWW!! STOP!! There's only one thing for it. You'll have to wish me free!"

"With my last wish? No way! There has to be a non-magical way to free you!" you say, getting up again "Maybe some butter or grease?"

Written by Stucklepaw

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