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After even the first potion that she forces you to drink your vagina becomes wet and you begin to feel hot with lust and wanting. You begin to have thoughts of mating with males, of spreading your legs wide, and welcoming those hot, long and hard dicks into you from every oriface. No, No, screams the human part of you, I'm human, I'm male, I won't submit! But, that doesn't make the thoughts go away, they only get stronger and stronger as you drink more and more potions. Then the woman leaves you in a cage for the night so that you can ovulate and have a larger litter of kits. The potions don't deminish but grow even more powerful with each ovulation. You bend over and begin to lick your clit, hoping to at least receive some parcial releif from the overwealming horniness that domminated your mind, but it was no good. The pokemon body is made so that it cannot orgasim whithout another pokemon hump or be humped. You only succed in making yourself even hoter and hornier. Eventually you fall asleep, and you drm of being probed by male penises, of of being humped and humped, and of being filled with hot, sticky cum. You awaken to find yourself only able to think about mating, of dicks jamming into your clit and their cum filling you up. The floor of the cage is soaked in sweat and drool and drippings from your hot and wet vagina. The woman comes and picks you up. "Time to meet your special friend!"

Written by an anonymous author

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