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The first change affects, oddly, not you, but your clothes. Your pants and shirt become stiff, and then meld together. This strange piece of clothing then becomes harder, and forms into a turtle's shell.

THEN the changes affect you.

You scream from immense pain as your spine and ribs grow and fuse to your new shell. You fall on your chest due to the shellís weight. Your hair falls out, and your skin turns into blue scales. Your ears become triangular as they move up your head, and your nose starts to grow into a snout. Your new ears only make your screams seem louder. Though you canít see it, you feel your left arm becoming shorter and thicker. You find a way to make you new head look at your changing arm, and see your fingers seemingly swallowed by it only three of your nails, which are now becoming claws, remain. Your right arm undergoes a similar change. Above your shoulders, two cannons extend out of holes in your shell. Your legs become thicker and stronger, allowing you to stand up again. After you grow a short tail, the pain stops, as does your change. Feeling thirsty, you go to a nearby lake. (That you didnít know about until now.) A look a your reflection confirms that you really have become a full blastoise. All that remains of your human life are a few memories and emotions.

Written by an anonymous author

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