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He's not Cecil, but this Sea Serpent is Sick!

The sea-serpent's eyes open wide in shock and it starts reeling. With a "PTUUUU!" he spits you out into the water. Troggie starts drowning again, but the serpent scoops the both of you up in a huge flipper. "You taste disgusting!" he exclaims. He sniffs you. "And you smell even worse!"

"That'll be me!" says Troggie, holding his big foot up. "My troll odour saved our lives!"

"Guess stinky feet does have their use." you turn to the serpent. "We weren't meant to be eaten." you say "We fell in here by accident."


You tell him about Kalibyrn's kidnapped spark.

"I'm distantly related to dragons, so I'll help you." says the serpent "I can't leave the water, but there may be something among my collection that may be some use."

Written by AR Jackson

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