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"LET GO OF ME!!" you wail as you desperately tug at your tail.

"There's no need to worry, Kitty" says Roger, still holding you tight.

"NO NEED TO WORRY??" you wail. With your claws, you scratch Roger's chubby handclaw that's holding your tail, but you don't seem to be causing any damage to his scaily skin. "A WITCH IS AFTER MY EYES!! LEMME GO!! PLEASE!!!"

"She only needs one" says the obese dragon "That's what I was asking you about before!"

"PLEASE, Roger!" you sob, planting a foot on Roger's claw as you pull your tail "I don't want anyone gourging my eye out!"

"Ok, fine."

"What." you exclaim.

"If you really don't want to give up an eye, that's fine by me. I respect that."

"What about Dorka?"

"You did me a good deed, geting me out of the doorway." says Roger, letting go of your tail. "I won't let anyone hurt a hair of my new buddy!"

Written by AR Jackson

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