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Spooky rock point

On the next adventure you go on you will half to get a wizards spell book. But ther wil be many things in your way. As you travel up a mountiin to a castel you hear grooning and screaming you start to get scared and suddenly a viper jumpes at you, you reach for your sword but it is to late the viper is jumping at you, right when it is about to bit it turnes in to a kitty cat. Then from behind a rock a Gnome iilousionist comes out and sayes gosh darn it why does this all wayes happen. you draw your sword and say tell me your name and way i should not kill you. He reaplies I am Gerbo a gnome and you should not kill me cause you can not catch me. You hear a loud bang and see some smoke soudenly he is gone. you think what a strang gnome and go on. your finaly at the door of the castle the castle looks broken up windowes shaterd and doors wide open suddenly a viper comes at you, you think i am going to kill that gnome but the the snakes bit you but to your supries the pain is so intens that you fall done and fall uncontions. You wake up to two wide eyes saying i saved you from Spooky rock points guared. all you can think of is were is the book then you ask. He said ooh the wizardes book i have that why did you not ask me for it earllyer. You say cause i did not know you hade it. Then he sayes well you should of asked he gives you the and disapers. the end.

Written by tim.a. or ox

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