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Off you go

Shoving your muzzle into the qooey swamp, you chug mouthfulls of the helium rich sawmp. Although you find yourself questioning the point of a helium swamp, you shake the thought off remembering you're several tons of wolf blubber (and still growing). The gasses begin to do their work as you bloat up bigger and bigger, your sheer size begining to swallow your neck.

Success comes when you find yourself rising upward. A fangy grin breaks out on your bloated face as you leave the swamp below you. However, that feeling of relief washing over you turns painfully cold as the leprechaun calls up to you.

"Congrats, laddie on overcoming your weight once again. Too bad the effects of drinking from the helium swamp are permanent."

A yelp escapes, as expected, in the helium pitch. To make sure he isn't full of it, you try to belch out the gas growing inside of you. No such luck. Great. Not only are you getting fatter, but now you're inflating bigger, and floating far away. With what little mobility your expanding body is giving you, you flap your arms and legs, hoping to propell yourself to something that you can use to save yourself from being carried to your demise as the goodyear blimp

Written by Ziggy-Cabbit

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