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She wolf

You wake up looking at the beutiful milkmaid you saw earlier, and panic as you realize you are still in wolf-form. She smiles. You stand up, snarling and trying to act feroucious. She laughs and looks at you shrewdly. "You know, it's hard to be scary to someone when she's seen you sleeping, curled up in the field like a big baby." You are taken aback for a second, and sit down.

"I'm Sharia, and my day job is to take care of these sheep." You ask, "Why are you unafraid of me?" She takes off her gown and says, "because of this!" She morphs in to the most B-E-A-utiful she wolf you have ever seen.

"And although I'm new here(italics), I'm much more experienced than you." She looks sad for a moment and murmurs "I was bitten as a child..."

You feel sad and ask her how long she has been here, and how she can resist eating her herd during the day.

" A day or two, and self control." She laughs. "Want to go for a romp?" you offer. "sure!"

As you are about to enter the woods, the most scariest noise ever erupts from the trees. OMG!! IT'S A-

Written by Emily Virginia

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