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A Rude Shock

You remember what the genie had said for a moment, but within a matter of minutes, feel as if it is just nothing. As if it was a bad dream, but nothing more. You go home, eat wash and look forward to a relaxing nights sleep.

Suddenly, you remember what you had overheard in a conversation several years earlier. Your parents had confronted a simillar genie with simillar results up to this stage. The problem was, you do not know what the results that followed were. Once again you think nothing of it.

10 minutes later, as the full moon rises, you are compelled to look at it. Normally you just glance at it and move on. But tonight is different. Instead of just walking away, you continue to stare at it. After a moment, you are given a rather large shock.

First you feel your body bulging, putting strain on your clothes like nothing had ever done before. Then you see your hand and feet binding into paws with claws sharp enough to cut through bricks. As this happens, your teeth also sharpen. You try to scream, but all that you hear is a loud, long howl.

After a while, the clothes shred, revealing a body covered in hair. You also feel your ears moving and muzzle forming, causing pain that you had never experienced before. The ordeal is complete in a matter of minutes, and it dawns on you that you are now a werewolf. You run.....

Written by Dudek

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