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The Youtube origins of evil spawn of Barney.

"That thing" says Jessie "Is not the original Barney from the children's shows. It's his evil son."

"Barney has a son?" you ask.

"It started when he was in stuffed animal mode, and this dog came up and..you know..."


"That is soo funny!" you laugh

"What happened next is far from funny" continues Jessie "When he came alive, he found he was..pregant!"

"Barney? Pregnant?"

"Soon afterwards he went into labor, and it was long and painful - especially since he was male!"



"Barney really loved that little son of his, but it soon turned out that he was evil." says Jessie "Barney couldn't have him killed, so he went to find help. Tragically, he went to the wrong house.."


"As the original and good Barney lay there dying, he wondered what he had done to deserve all this hurt. Tears fell from his eyes for his evil son, and for all the evil in the cruel world he was leaving."

Written by AndrewAnorak

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