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You're a hero!

"Why are you so big and fat, cat?" asks one of the mouse children who is instantly scolded by the mother.

"The Rat king and his minions captured me and fattened me up to eat," you reply with a grin "But I broke free and killed and ate them. Got a bit carried away though!"

"You mean..the rat king is dead?" gasps the father mouse "Oh Joy of joys! Thankyou, oh great cat!"

"I don't understand." you reply

"The Rat King and his minions have been making life hell for us us mice! We were his slaves, and he hogged all the food for himself and his inner circle of rats! We were starving until you came along! We must go and tell the other mice our period of suffering is over!".

And the mice scamper off excitedly, leaving you still stuck in the doorway.

Written by AndrewAnorak

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