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Troggie's terrified of Troll Tattoos

Suddenly another troll says "Hi, I'm Troggie!", clamps their hand down hard on your shoulder and you scream out in pain again!

"Oh, sorry!" he says "You must have been recently marked. Didn't know."

You spin around to see that Troggie is a plump troll, about the same size as you, and is unmarked. "Markings really hurt." he says

"Tell me about it" you wince.

"Centanly" replies Troggie (trolls don't understand the concept of sarcasm) "Markings are a symbol of Trollhood. They're meant to be painful, to make us more agressive. I've been trying to put off mine by making excuses, saying I can't decide on a pattern, but I feel it's a matter of time."

Written by AR Jackson

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