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Great White Fun

You bite your lip being so nervouse, but than after a second your teeth sharpen up and u slice your lip. It heals up fast as more rows of teeth start to fill your jaw. The new rows of teeth start to hurt your jaw but than relaxes as your jaw starts to grow. All of your hair falls off and your skin turns a bright blue. Your body starts to stiffin and your feet point away from each other. Than you yell in pain, sinking, as your hips start to turn on there side. Your arms start to shorten and turn into fins. Before your run out of air, gills form right in the middle of your neck. Your nose crawls up your head to the top. Your whole body starts to round out to take the shape of a shark. Finaly a dorsil fin pushes it's way out of the top of your skin. Than you smell blood near by and your new shark sences take you to it. You wonder what your goin to do now since you cant stop your new shark sences.

Written by an anonymous author

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