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Career Change

Your meaty brow furrows deeply. After a few minutes consideration, you just shrug and say 'Alright'. After all, you'd rather not meet a fate worse than death. Your brain feels a little slow for some reason. You blink a little as you speak, because your voice isn't the one you're used to. It's now at least an octave deeper, and its picked up harsh resonances and a kind of bass rumble before each word, as if you were about to break into a moo.

This brings you to a closer inspection of your new body. As you're bending and gawping at your rather impressive self, the witch chuckles and rubs her hands.

"Thats a good decision. I might actually have made myself a minotaur with some intelligence."

She smiles contemptuously at you, her newest creation.

"Now, before you get to work, we'll sort out your 'accomodation'."

With a sharp snap of her fingers, the werewolf slinks forwards. He casts you an unpleasant look, before wordlessly slinking off through an archway. From the way the witch dismisses you from her mind, you're obviously expected to follow him. You might as well.

It takes about 20 minutes to reach you room, situated down in the bowels of the Earth. Everything's dark, dank and echoey. Wter's dripping somewhere, making loud 'ploinks'. As the wolf pulls open an old, creaky door down a long, sloped corridor barely high enough for either of you to walk along, you gather enough wits to ask: "What level's this on?"

"Dungeon." the wolf growls out curtly. Great. He motions you forwards. Blinking a little, you, take a step inside your new room.

Written by Lupine

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