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You can't teach an old dragon new tricks!

Old Firestarter's eyes narrow "I'm not letting a young pup like you take over from me!"

"Ha!" you retort "How you gonna stop me, stuck under all that gold? Stink me out with your dirty great feet? Face facts, OLD Firestarter. Dragons are soo Middle Ages, Werewolves and vampires are the main monster atrraction now! But don't worry, maybe one day some palentologist will dig you up. Then you can sit in some museum with your dinosaur relatives!"

"You wouldn't be so cocky if I wasn't trapped under here, pup!" replies the dragon, eyeing you.

"Oh but you ARE. And it serves you right. You probably got all this hoard by theft and plunder, right?"

Firestarter gives a sad sigh "I've done a few shameful things in my time, yes. But there's some good still in you - otherwise you'ld have left me laughing. And yes, I am old. I knew Countess Bathory when she was mortal. She's become a bigger monster than both of us combined!"


"Trust me pup, as soon as you place a paw out of place, she'll have a collar and lead on you!"

Written by AndrewAnorak

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