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what a dream

suddenly your awaked by your girlfriend Jessie . "Hey whats all this?"

"umm...what do you mean my love?"

"will i was having this dream about a witch and you were a kinsune and will...is was all something you'd wouldn't see in real life."

"but we are about to see a mage in a shop at Gander to see if we can get a werewolf potion for you and me."

"really? When did I say we were doing that?"

"will...you said yes when i wanted to be a werewolf so i though you'd want to be one to."

"i wanted to be a werewolf when i was 14 and i want to be one now but this isn't going to work. By the way how did you get me in this cab?"

"umm...i picked you up."


"umm...i don't know i really wanted to be a wereanimal."

"o okay."

"here we are the old magic mages shop of postions and orbs"

In the shop there are many items but you don't know what to buy and at any rate how would you know if it was going to work. From what you seen theres a brown postion reading werewolf, a blue orb reading Dragon, a scroll reading of something you don't understand, a potion that has no name, and theres a door reading Beyond close to the back.

Written by Lord of Transforming

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