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A rescue?

after you fall asleep somethings different... you can still here whats going on, your dragon ears can hear all the things around the birds, the bess and that strange whoosing sound coming closer, you can hear the man congratulating the girl about getiing you " you will make a fine dragon slayer " the man says suddenly that whossing sound is over head and there is a truck coming " theres our comrades who will take the dragon " he speaks. You know to can hear the truck coming and know that its over for you before its started untill the trucks sounds stops and a roar of a large explsion shatters the piece you can now hear a jet engine roaring overhead as the man and girl run off you regan concesness and get up to see a small fighter jet heading off into the distance and you can see the girl and man going the other way, you think to yourself "what the *insert beeping sound here* happend?"

Written by A friend

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